Star Wars Episode 4a: A Hive of Scum and Villany

Session 12
For whom the explosives detonate

After returning to the new rebel base where morale is low, the team set out to destroy the Ordnance factory on Onderon, it would be a major blow against the empire in this sector. A plan of sorts is formulated and support from Rogue squadron is promised.

The resistance leader on Onderon however is less than eager to help and his men ask for his death. Some thoughtful words give the party a chance to prove themselves and an imperial depot is raided to procure speeders for the resistance fighters to escape with after the big battle!

Session 10 & 11
Shopping and Murder

Good mods are hard to find, except on Nar Shadaa… the party travels to Hutt space, meeting pirates along the way.

Many credits are spent and everyone gets shiny new equipment.

Sasha begins advanced training in use of the force.

Finally a deranged murderer is chsed through the undercity of Nar Shadaa and taken down before he could kill again.

Session 9
Onslaught at Arda

Flushed with credits the team return to their base at Arda…

To discover the base has been found by the Empire. A desparate struggle, the base is lost and many brave rebels perish. A traitor may be among the rebels…

Session 5 - 8
The Jewel of Yavin

The team take a “break” from rebellion duties and find themselves journeying to Bespin to steal the Jewel of Yavin.

session 4 - The Rebels Strike

Arda base is in a state of excitement with important visitors and a plan to take the fight to the Empire.

The rebellion launches a series of attacks to bring down the Imperial Sensor Net which is stopping the Rebels from moving within the Japreal Sector. Two ground assaults succeed in taking down two remote bases. The third sensor base is infiltrated by an elite rebel covert team on the planet Argovia. A few hair raising moments with Storm Troopers aside the mission passes without a hitch and the high security mountain base destroyed in a massive explosion from its power core. The team also managed to find a full technical readout for the Devestator class vessel “Dark Omen”, ship of the mysterious Force User “Fear”.

In a fourth operation General Hans Solo leads a team that captures several Imperial Supply vessels.
session 3 - Lesson from the past

Much to Jamie’s disappointment the group decide to help Sentanna Hase and are put in contact with a scholar Ashur Sungazer at Phelar University in the Eriadu system.Ashur has found an ancient artefact of some interest. As the group is leaving Tiree approaches with word of Tyrol – he’s been captured by local criminal elements for handover to the black Sun. That can’t be good. Fortunately he’s still being held in a nearby shadowport – Gravity Falls. Making haste and taking advantage of a mistaken identity Tyrol is rescued moments before the Black Sun investigator Rin Aasa and Tyrols old flame Desera Lucky arrive.

Departing Gravity Falls the group journey to help Sungazer. Disguising themselves as scholars they find the artefact and associated items and are able to divine the system where they most likely came from .The artefacts relate to a long deceased Jedi Master – Val Isa who retreated from the galaxies affairs.

A hyperspace journey later they arrive in the red giant system Kobol and are fortunate to find themselves near the wreck of the Sanctuary – Val Isa’s ship. A quick exploration of the vessel leads to the resting place of Val Isa and a holocron imprint of her. They group are then attacked by a Basilisk Droid, a relic from the Mandalorian wars and a mystery ship docks. Choosing discretion over valour everyone retreats back to their ship but not before they glimpse a terrifying force user following them.

A short dangerous chase through the asteroids and the rebel force escapes.

Val Isa example shows that Jedi should be active in the affairs of the galaxy and not remove themselves to a conflict free existence.

The search for hope


Betrayed by the Empire, the brave group of heroes tries to work out what to do next. Peshk has a plan – Join the Rebellion, but what does the rest of the group think…

Furthermore the Empire is ever vigilant and Peshk has left a trail…….


Peshk made contact with a rebel agent named Tiree, and arranged a pickup in an abandoned mining complex. Unfortunately the Bothan was about a subtle as a brick in his enquires and tipped off the ISB. As Pes’hk did not return Tyrol volunteered to remain at the safe house awaiting him. The rest of the party set off for the mines.

An ISB agent Barezz ambushed the group in the mines and a running fight ensued, whereby the party got attacked by Mynocks, survived a cave-in and climbed into a burning mineshaft. The highlight was possibly Arrithatha being stuck on a cargo/jump net, plasma flames below and Storm Troopers taking pot-shots from above. Fortunately Sasha proved adept at providing covering fire and the Mynocks returned hungry for more power (from blaster rifle power packs) distracting the Storm Troopers.

Escape then looked doubtful as their contact Tiree was found grievously injured and their escape shuttle destroyed. Fortunately the rebel alliance had hidden a 3 Y Wings (for a planned future operation against the Ordnance factory ) which the group were able to fly out. Jamie being the only decent pilot was able to cripple two AT-AT walkers that had been bearing down on the mine.

The Y-Wings took the brave group to a hidden Rebel base on Arda 1 where they were accepted as part of the Rebel Alliance.

No word has been heard from either Peshk or Tyrol…

The group prepare for their first mission as part of the Rebel Alliance … a personal favour for one of the base commanders, an old friend from Corellia of hers – a scholar – has asked for some help…

Takeover at Whisper Base
Have you got what it takes serve in the Imperial Army?


Mission Briefing

Admiral Corlen (Planetary governor and sector fleet commander)
(Straight to the point)

“Welcome to Onderon. You have been selected for this mission because… you are new here. I am the governor of Onderon, and as such all facilties on Onderon have to be authorised by me or they are not…. Imperial……

I have learned of a hidden facility, codenamed “Whisper Base” that is operating on this planet and i believe listening in to my communications. The base operates using some obscure Imperial codes, that i cannot read.
As such i require a team to go in disguised as Rebels, to isolate and take control of the base, find its secrets including who built it and return me the information.I will provide you with a single use transmission code for use when you have the base. Also transmit whatever files you can find using the encryption in the code.

Why disguised as rebels? Plausibility and deniability. Politically it would be difficult for me to directly attack, even an unathorised Imperial base. Rebel scum however have no such limits. You can also use the opportunity to ruin the support for rebels in villages you pass along the way. Consider that an order.

If succesful then i will consider you my special operative force. Failure, well, don’t.


Imperial Tribune 01

Episode 4a: A Hive of Scum and Villany
Who are the good guys?



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