Star Wars Episode 4a: A Hive of Scum and Villany

session 3 - Lesson from the past

Much to Jamie’s disappointment the group decide to help Sentanna Hase and are put in contact with a scholar Ashur Sungazer at Phelar University in the Eriadu system.Ashur has found an ancient artefact of some interest. As the group is leaving Tiree approaches with word of Tyrol – he’s been captured by local criminal elements for handover to the black Sun. That can’t be good. Fortunately he’s still being held in a nearby shadowport – Gravity Falls. Making haste and taking advantage of a mistaken identity Tyrol is rescued moments before the Black Sun investigator Rin Aasa and Tyrols old flame Desera Lucky arrive.

Departing Gravity Falls the group journey to help Sungazer. Disguising themselves as scholars they find the artefact and associated items and are able to divine the system where they most likely came from .The artefacts relate to a long deceased Jedi Master – Val Isa who retreated from the galaxies affairs.

A hyperspace journey later they arrive in the red giant system Kobol and are fortunate to find themselves near the wreck of the Sanctuary – Val Isa’s ship. A quick exploration of the vessel leads to the resting place of Val Isa and a holocron imprint of her. They group are then attacked by a Basilisk Droid, a relic from the Mandalorian wars and a mystery ship docks. Choosing discretion over valour everyone retreats back to their ship but not before they glimpse a terrifying force user following them.

A short dangerous chase through the asteroids and the rebel force escapes.

Val Isa example shows that Jedi should be active in the affairs of the galaxy and not remove themselves to a conflict free existence.



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