Star Wars Episode 4a: A Hive of Scum and Villany

session 4 - The Rebels Strike

Arda base is in a state of excitement with important visitors and a plan to take the fight to the Empire.

The rebellion launches a series of attacks to bring down the Imperial Sensor Net which is stopping the Rebels from moving within the Japreal Sector. Two ground assaults succeed in taking down two remote bases. The third sensor base is infiltrated by an elite rebel covert team on the planet Argovia. A few hair raising moments with Storm Troopers aside the mission passes without a hitch and the high security mountain base destroyed in a massive explosion from its power core. The team also managed to find a full technical readout for the Devestator class vessel “Dark Omen”, ship of the mysterious Force User “Fear”.

In a fourth operation General Hans Solo leads a team that captures several Imperial Supply vessels.



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