Star Wars Episode 4a: A Hive of Scum and Villany

Takeover at Whisper Base

Have you got what it takes serve in the Imperial Army?


Mission Briefing

Admiral Corlen (Planetary governor and sector fleet commander)
(Straight to the point)

“Welcome to Onderon. You have been selected for this mission because… you are new here. I am the governor of Onderon, and as such all facilties on Onderon have to be authorised by me or they are not…. Imperial……

I have learned of a hidden facility, codenamed “Whisper Base” that is operating on this planet and i believe listening in to my communications. The base operates using some obscure Imperial codes, that i cannot read.
As such i require a team to go in disguised as Rebels, to isolate and take control of the base, find its secrets including who built it and return me the information.I will provide you with a single use transmission code for use when you have the base. Also transmit whatever files you can find using the encryption in the code.

Why disguised as rebels? Plausibility and deniability. Politically it would be difficult for me to directly attack, even an unathorised Imperial base. Rebel scum however have no such limits. You can also use the opportunity to ruin the support for rebels in villages you pass along the way. Consider that an order.

If succesful then i will consider you my special operative force. Failure, well, don’t.


Imperial Tribune 01



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