Star Wars Episode 4a: A Hive of Scum and Villany

The search for hope


Betrayed by the Empire, the brave group of heroes tries to work out what to do next. Peshk has a plan – Join the Rebellion, but what does the rest of the group think…

Furthermore the Empire is ever vigilant and Peshk has left a trail…….


Peshk made contact with a rebel agent named Tiree, and arranged a pickup in an abandoned mining complex. Unfortunately the Bothan was about a subtle as a brick in his enquires and tipped off the ISB. As Pes’hk did not return Tyrol volunteered to remain at the safe house awaiting him. The rest of the party set off for the mines.

An ISB agent Barezz ambushed the group in the mines and a running fight ensued, whereby the party got attacked by Mynocks, survived a cave-in and climbed into a burning mineshaft. The highlight was possibly Arrithatha being stuck on a cargo/jump net, plasma flames below and Storm Troopers taking pot-shots from above. Fortunately Sasha proved adept at providing covering fire and the Mynocks returned hungry for more power (from blaster rifle power packs) distracting the Storm Troopers.

Escape then looked doubtful as their contact Tiree was found grievously injured and their escape shuttle destroyed. Fortunately the rebel alliance had hidden a 3 Y Wings (for a planned future operation against the Ordnance factory ) which the group were able to fly out. Jamie being the only decent pilot was able to cripple two AT-AT walkers that had been bearing down on the mine.

The Y-Wings took the brave group to a hidden Rebel base on Arda 1 where they were accepted as part of the Rebel Alliance.

No word has been heard from either Peshk or Tyrol…

The group prepare for their first mission as part of the Rebel Alliance … a personal favour for one of the base commanders, an old friend from Corellia of hers – a scholar – has asked for some help…



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