Soldier – Commando / Medic

Brawn : 4
Agility : 3
Intellect : 2
Cunning : 2
Willpower : 2
Presence : 2

Soak : 4 (6)
Wound Threshold : 22
Strain Threshold : 12
Defence : 0

Athletics : 1
Discipline : 1
Medicine : 1
Resilience : 1
Survival : 1
Vigilance : 1
Brawl : 2
Melee : 3
Ranged Heavy : 1

Wookie Rage
Toughened x2
Physical Training x2
Point Blank
Armour Master
Stimpack Specialisation x2
Surgeon x2
Bacta Specialist
Grit x2

Support – 18

Bounty (Bloodied Claw Clan) – 10


Arrithatha’s life was irrevocably changed in the year 19 BBY when his family were wiped out by a Trandoshans crime family. Off planet at the time of the attack, Arrithatha dedicated his life to hunting down each and every member of the Trandoshan family and making them pay.

He was successful at staying one step ahead of the Empire while gaining revenge for many years before his luck ran out. He had learned that one of the Trandoshans he sought had joined a group of smugglers, and caught up to them as they were attacking a trade delegation. Arrithatha confronted the Trandoshan, who was in the process of attacking a Bothan, and killed him but, descending into a Wookie rage, Arrithatha failed to notice the arrival of Empire troops.

Arrithatha was delivered to the Moff in charge of the local system, who decided to make him fight for his amusement in gladiator-like combat. During his captivity, Arrithatha never stopped trying to escape, and once came close with the help of a saboteur who managed to free him from his cage. That escape attempt ended in failure, but Arrithatha was able to cover up the saboteur’s involvement to avoid them both being punished.


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