Obligation Duty Morality


Obligation is gained when you either do something that really upsets someone, usually a criminal, OR when you essentially agree to do someone a favour in return for help (eg Ship repairs at a shadowport when you’re out of cash)

Start of every session, total up the group obligation and roll %. If less than the group total then someone’s obligation has triggered – that means whoever it is gains stress for the entire session and bad stuff occurs based around the obligation

The PC involved has to actively pursue and find a way to reduce the obligation. This means it won’t go down until you do something about it.

Acquiring: There are two principle ways:
The adventure might have a duty as its main objective reward. Completing it gains the appropriate amount of duty
In game, players can spot opportunities off their own backs. These won’t be pointed out. Reasonable attempts will succeed, mostly. Eg Recruitment – recruiting npcs you meet in to the alliance. Improvisation.
Total and roll %. If it’s below the group total then someone’s duty has triggered. They’re feeling especially inspired and get a bonus to wound threshold. Also mat get bonus duty earned. Lucky person.
When group total reaches 100, reset it to 0. Group then goes up a rank and gets a big piece of kit. Group rank starts at 0. Eg kit for going to rank 1 – z95 headhunter

Only impacts force sensitive characters
Do bad stuff, morality goes down

Obligation Duty Morality

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