Jamie 'Hotblack' Desiato

Hotshot Pilot


Species: Human
Career: Ace
Specialisation: Hotshot, Gunner, Pilot


Brawn: 2
Agility: 4
Intellect: 3
Cunning: 2
Willpower: 2
Presence: 3

Soak: 3
Wounds: 14
Strain: 16
Defence: 0

XP Earned: 395
XP Spent: 390


Astrogation: 1
Charm: 1
Cool: 1
Deception: 1
Mechanics: 1
Piloting (Planetary): 2
Piloting (Space): 3
Gunnery: 2
Ranged (Light): 1
Ranged (Heavy): 2


Brace 1 (Gunner)
Debilitating Shot 1 (Gunner)
Defensive Driving (Pilot)
Dead To Rights (Pilot)
Dedication – Agility (Hotshot)
Durable 1 (Gunner)
Enduring 1 (Gunner)
Full Throttle (Pilot)
Grit 4 (Hotshot, Gunner)
High-G Training 2 (Hotshot)
Improved Dead to Rights (Pilot)
Let’s Ride (Pilot)
Natural Pilot (Pilot)
Overwhelm Defences (Gunner)
Rapid Recovery 1 (Pilot)
Second Chances 2 (Hotshot)
Shortcut 1 (Hotshot)
Skilled Jockey 3 (Hotshot/Pilot)
Toughened 1 (Gunner)
True Aim 1 (Gunner)

Motivation: Quest – Thrill
Duty: Space Superiority (23)


Jamie Desiato comes from a long line of Corellian pilots. His mother served with honour in the Clone Wars and his grand father was a renowned test pilot. Whilst helping his older sister with a simple delivery run in the family’s freighter, Jamie got into a… misunderstanding with an Alderaanian noble and his daughter. That mishap cost his family a lucrative shipping contract, so feeling that he had let everyone down and wanting to see the universe, he signed up for the Imperial Navy.

Jamie’s plan was to sign up, get some fighter pilot training, earn a commission, and make his family proud. He has since found out that life in the Navy is dull and filled with routine. Sure, he gets to fly TIEs but always in strict formation and with the most basic of manoeuvres. The other pilots are a cold, arrogant, racist lot and Jamie has had several altercations in the mess hall and out in space. Jamie was taken under the wing of an ace pilot in an attempt to guide and harness Jamie’s talents but recently they fell out over a failed training exercise. Since then he found himself on shuttle duty, ferrying bureaucrats to boring meetings in boring areas of space where nothing ever happens.

Jamie is easily bored and needs to be challenged to stop him from getting into trouble. He doesn’t enjoy the Imperial way of life but doesn’t know what he can do to escape his service in the navy. Jamie doesn’t like bullies and he is appalled by the slavery he sees in the Empire, his family deal with many races in their business and Jamie was raised to be open minded. If an opportunity to leave the navy was offered, Jamie would most likely take it. But other than steal a ship and shoot for the furthest star, he doesn’t know what to do.

Jamie 'Hotblack' Desiato

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