Peshk Sei'Lya

Bothan Slicer


Name: Peshk Sei’lya
Species: Bothan
Career: Spy
Specializations: Infiltrator, Slicer
XP Total: 249
XP Spent: 245
XP Remaining: 4

Brawn: 1
Agility: 3
Intellect: 4
Cunning: 4
Willpower: 2
Presence: 2

Soak Value: 1(2)
Wound Threshold: 11
Strain Threshold: 15
Ranged Defence: 1
Melee Defence: 1

Computers 3
Cool 1
Coordination 1
Deception 1
Knowledge: Underworld 1
Medicine 1
Melee 2
Perception 1
Skulduggery 2
Stealth 2
Streetwise 1

Bypass Security
Convincing Demeanor
Dedication (Cunning)
Defensive Slicing x2
Frenzied Attack
Grit x2
Improved Defensive Slicing
Master Slicer
Mental Fortress
Natural Programmer
Soft Spot
Technical Aptitude


Peshk Sei’lya grew up on Bothawui where he was taught by the father of Koth Melan, at the time he was young, so a teacher being taken away wasn’t a huge impact, but his teachings stayed with him. Unlike the rest of his family who specialized in politics and commerce (some legal, some less so) Peshk excelled in technology, showing a natural knack with computers, so he was put to work in the families less savory business ventures, making sure that things that weren’t meant to show up didn’t show up.

While working on Ord Mantell, a meeting with the Bothan Trade Mission was interrupted by a disgruntled ex-employee, Dodo Bomei, who had managed to gather a small gang to assist him. Fortunately one of the visiting representatives was one of Koth Melan’s agents, and when a Wookiee stormed in and started attacking the Trandoshan member of the gang, he and Peshk used the distraction to evade the attackers. Peshk was given refuge by the BTM, and learning of his talents, SpyNet decided to see if he could be of use to them.

It was decided that Peshk should continue his work as a computer tech, but rather than staying with his families business, he would work wherever his skills were needed. After several successful missions, including one to extract a potentially promising ganger with a penchant for explosives from the clutches of Black Sun, he has been sent to work on Onderon to assist a young Imperial officer’s investigation…

Peshk Sei'Lya

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