Sasha Vykos

Force-Sensitive Ambassador, Padawan


Name: Sasha Vykos
Species: Human
Career: Diplomat
Specialisations: Ambassador; Force-Sensitive Emergent; Niman Disciple, Seer
XP Spent: 395
XP Remaining: 8

Brawn: 2
Agility: 3
Intellect: 2
Cunning: 2
Willpower: 4
Presence: 3

Force Rating: 2
Morality: 65

Soak Value: 2 (3/4)
Wound Threshold: 14
Strain Threshold: 15
Ranged Defence: 0 (1)
Melee Defence: 0 (1)

Charm 2
Cool 1
Deception 1
Discipline 2
Knowledge (Lore) 1
Leadership 1
Lightsabre 2
Negotiation 2
Stealth 1


Force-Sensitive Emergent
Dedication (Willpower)
Force of Will
Force Rating
Grit 1
Indistinguishable 1
Sense Danger
Sleight of Mind 1
Touch of Fate
Toughened 1

Niman Disciple
Niman Technique
Nobody’s Fool
Parry 1
Reflect 1

Keen Eyed 1
Uncanny Reactions 1

Force Abilities:
Enhance (Basic Power)
Influence (Basic Power; Upgrades: Control (Mind Trick))
Sense (Basic Power; Upgrades: Control (Defense), Duration, Strength, Control (Offense))

Motivation: Quest (Restore the Jedi Order)
Duty: Recruiting
Emotional Strength: Compassion
Emotional Weakness: Hatred

Armoured Robes (Attachments: Cortosis Weave)
Concealing Robes
Heavy Clothing

Blaster Rifle
Double-bladed Lightsabre (Attachments: Rubat Crystal, Modifications: Increase damage (x1))
Heavy Blaster Pistol

Breathing Mask
Climbing Kit
Com Jammer
Ilum Pendant
Lightsabre Training Emitter
Scanner Goggles
Stimpack (x5)


I grew up in a sprawling palace, high up in the mountains of Alderaan. I was the eldest and wanted for nothing, they were halcyon days indeed. It was not meant to last however and my family is no more, but I remember. I remember when Alderaan was whole and I will never forget. Forgive? Yes, forgiveness came in time, but did I forget? Never.

The Force expresses itself in many ways and my first experience began as a subtle thing. It manifested as gentle murmurings that coalesced into slivers of what I thought must be distant conversations. As I began to know who was at the door before they entered, the murmurs became louder and clearer. In short order they became screams, the whispers on the wind became a hurricane of noise and I knew true fear, thinking I was descending into madness.

My moment of clarity came in a stolen speeder, if you can credit it. A brash young pilot, but aren’t they all, had provided sufficient distraction. It was moments before the crash that I remembered the mantra my grandfather taught me when I was a little girl bouncing on his knee, a little ditty to banish the darkness. It was such a small thing, but it allowed me to focus and noise began to abate. It was then that I realised that the old tales of the Jedi and the Force were true and I was hearing the thoughts of those nearby, lacking control they had almost overwhelmed me. The voices were still there, I could feel them at a distance, but I had become the eye of the hurricane, an island of calm in the teeth of the wind.

I had centered myself, learning the first lesson of discipline and began to wonder if my grandfather was more than he appeared. Did he know what was in store for me and provide me with the means to survive?

That is a story for another day, more importantly, at least in the short term, I could focus and I could function. This was vital as I would soon receive my full commission as a Captain in the Imperial military machine. I was young and naive. I had swallowed the Empire’s propaganda and had eagerly signed-up in order to make the universe a better place. If only I had known what was to come…

Excerpt from Daughter of Alderaan: The Memoirs of Sasha Vykos, Jedi Master

Sasha Vykos

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